Royal Jelly – A Health Product From the Beehive with Bee Pollen

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Royal Jelly – A Health Product From the Beehive with Bee Pollen. What is Royal Jelly?It is a creamy liquid that is secreted by worker bees to nourish the young bee larvae. The substance has garnered much interest for its benefits as a natural health supplement. Royal jelly is found in the beehive in very small quantities so its value on the open market can be like its benefits – high.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

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People have been taking this substance for centuries to protect against and combat all manner of health ailments. While we do not suggest that this product is going to cure all of these conditions, or protect against them occurring, we do see an ever increasing base of medical research pointing us towards real and tangible health benefits. So what are the benefits of royal jelly as perceived by the people who use it?

  1. May provide you with more energy
  2. Bring forth a more youthful appearance with finer skin and fewer facial wrinkles
  3. Provide healthier nails and hair
  4. May help to strengthen your immune system
  5. Royal jelly may increase fertility and improve reproductive health in men and women
  6. Protect against every common ailments and illnesses

Nutrients in Royal JellyIn royal jelly, there are an abundance of vitamins such as: B-complex vitamins, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6. The jelly itself is composed of 12.5% crude protein and 67% water. The crude protein portion has many different types of amino acids and enzymes. The other valuable vitamins found in royal jelly are vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. These are found also in bee pollen which we shall cover in a moment.

Medical Benefits

Royal jelly has shown to stimulate the growth of neural stem cells and glial cells. It is also known to lower your cholesterol and to be an anti-inflammatory agent with some antibiotic effects. It is the subject of a wide range of clinical studies though so far no studies have been undertaken with humans on a broad enough scale and over a long period. So we look within the nutritional makeup of royal jelly and make certain determinations based on its nutrient content. The fact that is high in amino acids generally means we can look to other, more general research on the benefits of amino acids, for clues as to how royal jelly might perform.

Bee Pollen

Like royal jelly, bee pollen is found within the confines of the beehive. Unlike the former, it is found far more abundantly and therefore more people can discover bee pollen benefits for themselves. In many ways, bee pollen is the original energy supplement. It is high in proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, so we can deduce from its contents that it has certain nutritional benefits and is beneficial to our health. To be more specific, various clinical studies have been undertaken to examine more closely how bee pollen might play a role as an energy supplement and a food source to help with our medical conditions.Using bee pollen daily is something that millions of people around the world enjoy. It can be obtained as a bulk bee pollen granule or in capsules or powders. It can even be purchased in liquid form and blended with other vitamins and minerals for a potent concentration. Often it is found combined with other substances from the beehive, including propolis, honey and of course, royal jelly.

It is said that there’s a certain synergy to be found from combining all of the hive ingredients, and it’s hard to argue that there’s an impressive array of nutrients when we combine them together.As an energy supplement it is taken by athletes and people in training, as is royal jelly, where both are said to provide a quick boost of natural energy. It is important that bee products are processed properly so they retain their live enzymes and nutritional benefits. Many companies do not know how to process these substances, and since they come under the handling requirements of ‘food’ they are often pasteurized at source.

Carlos Hruzamann has written for 15 years on bee propolis, royal jelly and the products from the beehive. Learn more about propolis and its potential benefits on your health from the author’s website – royal jelly

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